Couple Photo Session during Fasnacht in Basel, Switzerland

7 February 2022

A wedding photographer in Basel, Switzerland

a Photographer for fasnacht in Basel

No wedding photography today. Today’s article talks about another couple’s session.
After the last article on a engagement session in Amsterdam, Netherland (you haven’t seen it? cliiiick here!), we change countries today. Indeed, we find ourselves in Switzerland and more particularly in Basel.
So, in Basel, Switzerland, the “most wonderful time of the year” is not in December, but at the end of winter, it is Fasnacht !

A photographer for Fasnacht in Basel, Switzerland !

For three days, the city lives to the rhythm of the Guggenmusik, parades but also children’s jokes with their hands full of confetti, masks of Waggis, mimosas, oranges and beer cans.
I met Sarah and George for a Love session in the cutest streets of the old city of Basel.
We walked together in the city, shared a beer on Munsterplatz and they fought with a lot, a lot of confetti.
I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much during a photo shoot as I have with these two.

Coup de Coeur :
The matching hats! <3
The atmosphere of Basel, Switerland during Fasnacht.