Whatever your adventure, it's worth remembering.

Please browse through the articles in this journal to discover more adventures. I am based near Mulhouse, in Alsace. I also work in the Bas-Rhin, in Switzerland, in the Vosges, in Paris and everywhere else. So, let's give it a shot and create together the images that will show who you really are.

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newborn photoshoot basel switzerland
Newborn Photoshoot – Basel, Switzerland – At Home
After their intimate wedding in Saint-Louis (Alsace) and their incredible Day After in the Vosges mountains in the middle of the ...
15 February 2022
A cool & laid-back wedding in Strasbourg – at the Relais du Gensbourg
Pauline & John got married in June in Alsace, near Strasbourg. I was so happy when the chose me to be their wedding photograp...
9 February 2022
Rock’n’Roll Chic Wedding at Ostquai, Basel, Switzerland
wedding ostquai basel A rock'n'roll and alternative wedding in Basel, Switzerland, is it possible? Yes, at the Ostquai!The ost...
Pregnancy photoshoot in Basel, Switzerland.
One summer evening, I met Maurane and Cyrille for their pregnancy photoshoot in Basel, Switzerland. We chose a place near Basel (...