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The one behind the camera

Hello ! I am a Wedding Photographer and Lifestyle Photographer in Basel, Switzerland



I have been a wedding and family photographer for 7 years now and have already followed the adventures of 60 couples and over 100 families. First, I had the chance to learn my job in Paris in a Master degree in Photography. Finally, my job is to photograph people in love, which is pretty damn cool, right?

When I'm not busy shooting or crafting stuff in my studio or editing your images, you can find me with my family, hanging out in the sun on my terrace, drinking gin and tonics with my friends or okay, maybe watching TV shows on my couch. Anyway, there is also a serious chance that you won't find me at all because I've left on an adventure somewhere.

And I am a photographer

in Basel, Switzerland

My pack.



My partner, my family, my friends. My pack is the most important thing to me. And that's why I will capture yours with my heart.

I am a traveler, a nature enthusiast and a lover of the great outdoors.

Serious Harry Potter fan.

I always have one or more destinations somewhere in my head but I also like to go just to the mountains, close to my home.

Like I have an account on Pottermore. I'm a Hufflepuff, my Patronus is a dog and there's unicorn mane in my wand.


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My Vision

Why and how I do this job

Since I was a little girl, I have been digging through my grandmother's photo boxes. Her childhood, our history, those who have already left, my mother's moped, the memories I no longer have, my sister, my cousin and I dressed up in the staircase, our street without all those houses, my older sister still a baby. Quickly, I started documenting my life as a diary made of pictures. I was trying to keep and capture the important moments, my loved ones, the places and the sensations, so that I would not forget. It was then, quite naturally, that I began to fill the memory boxes of other people.

It's your own little legacy made of images.

In conclusion, I have an approach mixing aestheticism and photo-reporting techniques. Moreover, the most important point for me is that my images reflect you as much as possible. I don't want to photograph a posed, fake and unrealistic version of who you are. In conclusion, I would like to go further, that these images reflect who you really are. The imperfections. The laughter. The connection. The serendipity.

Whatever your adventure, it's worth remembering,



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